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What we do

We help our clients across the country in nearly every industry. Headquartered in California, our team works hard to help transform how modern businesses are built and run.

Talent Search

Our healthcare workforce solutions team partners with clients across the spectrum to build qualified, talented and inclusive teams. We help our healthcare clients that range from major industry leaders to small and exciting innovators face the challenges of an ever-changing market through a variety of partnerships such as MSP consulting, staff augmentation and PRO engagement.

Managed Testing

We love testing! Our fully customizable Lean-Agile MTS model provides high-performance and cost effective end-to-end enterprise testing capabilities. Whether we’re providing fully managed testing, or supporting internal test teams, we help you make the right decisions.

Application Development

Our agile development teams transform your ideas to design and build custom web and mobile apps for an advancing digital landscape. We assume complete responsibility for analysis, design, implementation, testing and integration of your systems.

Digital Engineering

Our dedicated pods enable you to realize your digital transformation goals, utilizing AI, and machine learning to gain in-depth insight of your data, which allows you to better understand customer's personal needs and accelerate your time to market. Digitally Perfict!

Why choose Perfict?

Improve your hiring in the ways that matter


We maintain an Internal talent pool of over 1 Million experts to quickly find candidates that match and are ready to jump onto their next dream job.

Tailor made

Your needs are unique, so are we. Our industry focused teams love nothing more than getting to know your industry inside out.


We are certified ScrumMasters that eat, sleep and breathe agile. Our iterative approach to recruitment brings flexibility and efficiency to the hiring process.

Global team,
one goal

Our onshore and offshore teams go the extra mile to make sure we ‘ve got you covered 24/7/365.

How our process works

It may seem like a marathon, but we just sprint through it.

Client Alignment

Define expectations, identify specific objectives, connect the dots and become business experts.

Candidate Discovery

Research, source, filter and conduct preliminary screening.

Technical Assessment

Collaborate with clients, evaluate and shortlist talent through rigorous technical interviews. Only 3% pass.

Verify & Onboard

Manage offers, background screens and seamless on-boarding.

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